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Learn to Fucking Spell

Picture a world famous surgeon. Absolutely everybody has heard of this talented individual. She's performed countless surgeries, saved so many lives. She's renowned the world over for being a miracle worker. Now imagine she achieved this notable status while constantly making obvious mistakes with the scalpel.

Would that happen?

The equivalent of that happens in the world of web design every second. Spelling is one of the most crucial parts of writing, in fact it's one of the most crucial parts of any job that involves words! Thousands of web designers, in particular, make unforgivable spelling mistakes constantly.

You can be the greatest designer on the planet, have the most intriguing concepts out there, create wonderfully thought provoking experiences for your users, but if you type something like 'I've been freelancing for a number off years', you honestly look like a five year old.

To take that to an even further level of embarrassment, many of these same individuals can also be heard proudly stating:

How can you admit to that? Would a professional footballer say 'I'm really bad at kicking the ball'? No, of course he wouldn't. It's a key part of his profession that he knew he had to learn! And here's the most infuriating pièce de résistance...

I'm not talking about spelling the likes of 'Honorificabilitudinitatibus' but simply

Never mind creating the most mind-blowing web experience imaginable, if there's an obvious spelling mistake in the middle of it, your credibility drops dramatically.

So, enough of the ranting. I've prepared a little guide below to help you avoid the most common (and most infuriating) spelling and grammar mistakes that are seen on the web. The definitions are taken from and some of the words have lengthy and various meanings, so make sure and click through for further clarity.

Please take note of this page, print it out, stick it in your office, give it to your students and learn these incredibly simple rules!

And one final thing I ask of you after you've perfected these basic rules. Get incredibly pissed off at people who commit the same unforgivable errors. :)